Mokhles Chowdhury

                                     আমার কাটিহারা

Katihara is a traditional & historical place. In ancient time it was created from Bamai Pargana with a son of zamindar of Bamai no 24 & 25 parganas was separated. In the dawn a horse was sent with colour which came back to zamindar in the dusk. Land record & jarip officials of zamindari followed the horse during that time & the areas where horse moved were demarcated as a new zamindari named Katihara. This area turned into a village later. Katihara is famous with historic personalities & zamindaris. Traditions & heritages are main features in this village. Outside people are well aware that Katihara is a place of gentlemen. By making relations many gentle families migrated at Katihara just for upliftment in the society. Katihara's Zamindari inherited chronology from back Late Abdul Qadir Chowdhury, Late Ghulam ali Chowdhury Ibne Abdul qadir Chowdhury, Late Shukur Ali Chowdhury Ibne Ghulam Ali Chowdhury, Late Zarad Ali Chowdhury (Famous as Taka Mia Chowdhury) Ibne Shukur Ali Chowdhury, Late Shamsul Huda Chowdhury Ibne Zarad Ali Chowdhury, Late Alhaj azizur Rahman Chowdhury Ibne Shamsul Huda Chowdhury, M Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury Ibne Alhaj azizur Rahman Chowdhury. Bamai no 24 & 25 Parganas lied with this family. In course of time a part of zamindari of Pargana no 25 handed over to Khan Lodhi family. Khan, Pathan, Laskar, Bhuiyan etc came to Katihara by making relations through marriage to Katihara society. Presently this village is a cosmopolitan area with diversity. Katihara has relatives in many places of Bangladesh & beyond. First Samajpati of Katihara was late Alhaj azizur Rahman Chowdhury. He was the irst Chief Editor of a national newspaper- the Weekly Prekkhit (Prekshit). Azizur Rahman Chowdhury performed managerial job in various tea estates for long time. He has also business in Dhaka. His father Shamsul Huda Chowdhury, uncles Yakub Ali Chowdhury, Ali Ahammad Chowdhury & Fazlur Rahman Chowdhury had businesses in Shialdah, Kolkata during British period. This enlightened family inherited zamindari unlike others. This was a benevolent zamindar family. This family people were engaged in business, jobs, liberation war & religious line.

Presently east part of Katihara is under Mokhlesganj Paurasava & west side is under Bamai Union of Lakhai Upazila under the District of Habiganj.

Katihara inherited Bazar, Masjids, Alhaj Azizur Rahman Chowdhury Technical Institute, Katihara Islamia Siddiqia Madrasah, Katihara Hafizia Madrasah, Abdur Rahim Chowdhury Primary School, BRAC Schol, oldest Katihara Dayananda Asram, Katihara Kedar Nath Cheritable Dispensery. Katihara is one of the oldest Mouza. Banshjar, Chanputa, Alhaj Azizur Rahman Chowdhury Pucca Road & many traditional ponds, traveling spots etc are within & sorrounded Katihara. Many persons & personalities of Katihara lives around the world including USA, UK, Middle East including KSA, Italy etc . Mostly Katihara people lives in Dhaka. Some of them also stay in Sylhet, Habiganj. Former Adviser to President of Bangladesh & Minister of State M Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury hails from Katihara. Critics sometimes address this gentlemen area as Hazrat Katihara. Many teachers including Principal are from Katihara. Chairman of Lakhai Upazila & Bamai Union have been also elected from Katihara. Katihara is a very politically concious area & major political parties leaders of this area are inhabitants of Katihara. Once Katihara was famous for village politics. In socialisation, social justice etc of near & far areas Katihara personalities used to solve the disputes, problems. 22 villages people & beyond were depended on jurists of Katihara. Katihara is also a Mauza.