Mokhles Chowdhury

       বামৈ থেকে মোখলেসগন্জ

Mokhlesganj is a declared Paurasava of Lakhai upazila under Habiganj District . It consists of Mokhlesganj, part of Bamai, part of Katihara, Bhadhikara, Moshadia, Kalauk and Shaldigha mouzas. Earlier it was declared a Town Area. It was named after former Adviser to the President of Bangladesh M Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury centring their zamindari area at the initiative of locality as per rule as internationally renouned personality. Development Council, Club, Alhaj Azizur Rahman Chowdhury etc are located at Mokhlesganj. Mokhlesganj is declared Paurasava. Upazila Headquarters of Lakhai is located in the town area of Mokhlesganj.


Bamai is no 4 Union of Lakhai Upazila under Habiganj District. Bamai is also a Pargana & Mauza during British Raj. In Bamai Union Muktijoddah Zia College, Bamai Model High School, Cattle market place (Goo-Haat), Bazars, Chawkbazar, Sonali Bank, Upazila Health Complex, Lakhai Upazila Head Quarters are located. Bamai inherited oldest Zamindaris in this area. Rajkumar Chowdhury, Bhelu Chowdhury, Abdul Qadir Chowdhury, Zarad Ali Chowdhury (Famous as Taka Mia Chowdhury), Alhaj azizur Rahman Chowdhury, former Adviser to President of Bangladesh M Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury are from Bamai Union.

Mokhlesganj is in Headquarter of Lakhai Upazila includes Kalauk of Bamai Union. After declaration of Mokhlesganj, Bamai Union remained. Lakhai Union is 8 Kilometre away from Mokhlesganj. Since Headquarters of Lakhai Upazila was shifted to Kalauk of Mokhlesganj in April 15, 1983 after following long years process to make it in middle and to make two Upazilas in this area, now there are two Police Stations as one at Kalauk of Mokhlesganj and other one as Inspection Centre( IC) at Lakhai as well as there are two Post Office, one at Kalauk and another one is at Lakhai as Sub Post Office. There are also two infrastructures both at Mokhlesganj (Kalauk) & Lakhai, as there is fully ready township at Lakhai is now under lock and key, where Administrative Thana was there. At Madna and Zirunda, establishment of two new Unions are underway. For example, Bhairab Upazila is almost half of Lakhai Upazila.  

Mokhlesganj and Lakhai Upazila area is rice exporter Upazila & with full of potentials in resources and geographically centered in three divisional centre points of Bangladesh. They are surrounded by Nasirnagar Upazila of Chittagong Division and Austogram Upazila of Dhaka Division. There is scope to establish a new District comprising this unique area of three Divisions for accelerating development of this resourceful area since it is also backward administratively. Even for administrative decentralization in future in case of necessity to create new divisions there is opportunity to create a division comprising Mokhlesganj, Habiganj, Brahmanbaria & Kishoreganj with the provision of shifting the capital in natural beautiful & scenic longest area from Sarail- Nasirnagar- Lakhai- Austogram- Madhabpur- Mokhlesganj- Habiganj like Putrajaya in Malaysia, Islamabad in Pakistan, Bandar Seri Bagawan in Brunei Darus Salam to get people rid of unprecedented traffic jam. Already Sarail- Nasirnagar- Lakhai- Habiganj Alhaj Azizur Rahman Chowdhury regional highway opened that horizon there. President Ziaur Rahman was the first Head of the State and Government, who visited present Mokhlesganj area of Lakhai Upazila considering the majority peoples demand to give administration to their doorstep and declared it is his Upazila with a memo. Genaral M A G Osmany, General Ershad, Begum Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina visited Mokhlesganj- Lakahi during their election campaigns.

During military take over in January 11, 2007, a government officer some Ataur with help of one Rafik did not comply Government decision to appoint Administrator at Mokhlesganj Paurasava with malice and malafide intention. Though at that stage of implementation of establishment of local Government, there was no provision to stop activities of Pourasava as it was done in long time process maintaining government procedures, rules and also in accordance with official reports it could not start functioning yet. As office can not disown its report Paurasava is there and implementation is absent. High Court may intervene in this regard.